What’s the purpose behind a GoalFriends group?

The purpose of a GoalFriends group is to provide a platform for women to gather monthly, share values, unlock ideas, express dreams and uncover aspirations. Through the process of goal setting and personal development exercises, GoalFriends encourage each other to realize their dreams. One of the greatest benefits of goal setting as a group is celebrating your successes together!

Who should join a GoalFriends group?

Anyone can benefit from joining a GoalFriends group; however, each member should be committed to participation, personal growth, and positive encouragement to the other members.

How do I find a GoalFriends group?

If you’re not aware of a GoalFriends group in your city, start your own. Click here to find information on starting your own group.

Can I start my own GoalFriends group?

Yes! Click here to find information on starting your own group.

How many people participate in a GoalFriends group?

We find that the ideal number of members is 8-12. This number keeps the group intimate and manageable, and it’s large enough for each member to host one time a year.

How often do the GoalFriends meet?

We recommend that a GoalFriends group meet once a month. We recommend picking a day of the month that’s easy to remember, like “the third Wednesday of each month.”

Is there a GoalFriends staff member to facilitate our meetings?

Our GoalFriends staff cannot be in every city at every meeting, so we’ve developed extensive online resources and workbooks to allow you to self-facilitate each meeting. This means that your group will work together to complete the monthly exercises. Step-by-step, month-by-month, you’ll grow together. And, we’ll always be available to answer your questions by phone or email. Visit the Contact Us page to reach our office.

Who’s “in charge” of the new GoalFriends group?

No one. While at first the other members will look to you as the original organizer, the key to success is rotating the group leader role every month to another member of the group. Each meeting should be co-facilitated by the monthly hostess and a “Goalie” who is responsible for keeping the group on task and on time.

Is GoalFriends a networking, new-business opportunity?

GoalFriends groups encourage goal setting and personal growth. You may learn of a member’s job, career, or aspirations through the sharing process, but the meeting is not an opportunity to gain new customers.

I’m a student, would a GoalFriends group be right for me?

Definitely! The earlier you begin goal setting, the better.

I’m a member of an existing GoalFriends group, and I have a friend who would like to join. Is this acceptable?

Adding a new member should be determined by the existing group of members, especially if the group is established. It should be a group decision and include appropriate vetting for confidentiality.

Where are groups held?

GoalFriends groups usually rotate meetings at member homes. The hosting member will determine what each GoalFriend should bring (i.e. food, beverage). Most GoalFriends bring an appetizer and beverage to share at each meeting.

I’m going through a rough time in my life, would GoalFriends be a good support group?

Yes and no. We all go through rough patches in our lives. Setting goals helps keep us focused on living our best life. GoalFriends provide enough encouragement to develop personally. However, the meetings should remain positive, inspirational, forward thinking and on task.