Start a GoalFriends Group and turn your dreams into reality!

We all have dreams of what we want to accomplish in life. But what stops us? Work, family, financial pressures and the hectic pace of our daily lives get in the way.

If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to dream big and passionately pursue something If you wish you had girlfriends in your home town who think like you and inspire you If you need peers who can connect you to what you’re looking for…

GoalFriends is for you!

When you start a local GoalFriends group, you’ll gather monthly with 6-12 other women who are goalsetters just like you! You’ll support each other in achieving career goals, personal goals and lifestyle goals by sharing ideas, unlocking new paths, holding each other accountable, and celebrating wins. GoalFriends is all about stepping into action with high energy and enthusiasm.

What can you expect when you join GoalFriends and connect

Friends and allies who will keep you accountable and encourage you and provide a safe space for your dreams, challenges and triumphs – like a mini mastermind group!

Your own personal “think tank” for new ideas and new beginnings. Start living a more purposeful life and get support as you create a new lifestyle, transition from a career, start a new business, or pursue a cause.

An alliance of like-minded, passionate and forward-thinking friends who are pursuing their own dreams – while also discovering new strategies, resources and connections you could benefit from, too.

Connect and collaborate, share visions, create possibilities, participate in step-by-step exercises that are transformational, focusing on personal growth, versus just dreams and goals.

Bond and create friendships at a dedicated monthly meeting designed just for you and women that are aligned – like a mini mastermind group supporting each other. Solve problems, get connected, think differently, and take action – by committing to small steps each week that will move you forward to living the life you’ve dreamed.

Fun nights out with the girls – plus exciting global causes and informal trips to help worldwide initiatives.

What’s the extraordinary thing you’re supposed to do?

Get the workbook today!

Have questions about starting a group?

If you’re eager to start a group, click here to get your own copy of the GoalFriends workbook and start reviewing the exercises and planning tools your group will be using. Once your members are assembled and everyone has their own copy of the workbook, your job is done – since the monthly Group Leader role rotates amongst members all year long.

To read more about what’s in store for you and your local GoalFriends when you start a group, read through our Frequently Asked Questions.

The easy-to-follow GoalFriends Workbook includes proven exercises to keep you and fellow members on track.

Staying focused on goals isn’t easy. Life, work, family and other responsibilities get in the way. That’s why the GoalFriends Workbook guides you and fellow members through one simple, but powerful exercise each month to help you:

Eliminate procrastination
Stay motivated
Seek assistance
Revise plans if appropriate
Maximize small successes
Learn by transformative topic exercises
Experience meaningful conversations
And so much more!

This one-year guide to setting and achieving goals is the heart of the GoalFriends experience. It’s designed to keep you focused and proactively pursuing your goals. You’ll not only set goals in the major areas of your life, you’ll get weekly prompts for becoming a superstar goal achiever.

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